COVID-19 Travel Update for Italy


With the recent lifting of the requirement for travelers to Italy to show a work-related reason for traveling, it’s getting easier to travel to Italy under the current COVID environment. As of June 13, 2021, travelers to Italy from the U.S. are still required to quarantine for 10 days after arrival to Italy. The latest entry requirements to Italy are listed on the Italian Ministry of Health’s website (see List D for U.S. requirements). There are some exceptions to the quarantine requirement:

1. Travel for certain transport crew members and for short-term stays

2. Travel on so-called COVID-tested flights

For most people, travel on COVID-tested flights offered by Delta, Alitalia, American, and United is the best solution. These flights require you to show a negative RT PCR or antigen test taken no earlier than 48 hours prior to boarding, and show another negative PCR or antigen test taken at the destination airport right after arrival.

Currently, approved COVID-tested routes include:

    • Atlanta – Rome Fiumicino
    • New York – Rome Fiumicino
    • Atlanta – Milan Malpensa
    • New York – Milan Malpensa

At Fiumicino, Malpensa, Naples Capodichino and Venice Marco Polo Airports, ‘Covid-tested’ flights are also operational from:

    • Canada
    • Japan
    • United Arab Emirates

You can contact your air carrier of choice for more information on these flights. My experience with Alitalia is they answer calls right away, but with Delta there are very long hold times.

Good luck with your travels, and hope to see you soon in Calabria!

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