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  1. Hi I’m Joey love you’re videos of scalea I live in ca and am Italian American . I like to know more about you’re Italian retirement places. I plan on retiring in 5 years. You can email me any time and chat with me. I may be interested in a project if it’s affordable .
    Thank You
    Joe Luongo

    1. Hi Joey,
      I’m glad you’re enjoying our videos! We live in Santa Domenica Talao, and the best way to learn more about this and other retirement places is to visit our Super Savvy Travelers LLC YouTube channel to see more videos of the surrounding area. I’m not sure what you mean by a project but if you’re looking for a house to renovate, the best way is to come over to start looking. If we can help let us know, and you can email us at with more details on what you’re looking for.

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