Property Marketing

With our personal network of trusted real estate agents and other qualified individuals, we provide marketing and translation services to help you find and renovate Italian properties, or to help you market your property through our media channels.

We have a network of trusted real estate agents, and other professionals that we work directly with to find and feature properties, and their surrounding areas, through our media channels. We also have relationships with material suppliers that can provide volume-based discounts to our clients.

We are not real estate agents in Italy; we are marketing consultants who match our clients with the appropriate professionals in our network for buying, selling, and renovating Italian properties.

Property Marketing Overview – For Buyers

Starting with an evaluation of your property needs using our Find Your Perfect Property Checklist, we will refer you to an agent in our network, where separate agreements are in place with them to cover a marketing fee to us with no additional costs to you.

We also provide property purchase consulting and remote video tours on an as-needed basis (please see our services booking page for pricing). In certain areas, we can also refer you to architects and geometras for property inspections, that we have used and can recommend.

Property Marketing Overview – For Sellers

We can market your property on our social media channels (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok) using media supplied by you (photos and video), our own media, or a combination of both. 

Super Savvy Travelers, LLC (“SST”) is a U.S.-based single-member owned LLC.  SST provides marketing and translation services only and its members are not licensed real estate agents in Italy nor are they licensed to practice law in Italy. SST makes no claims regarding condition, ownership, or warranty of any properties mentioned in any marketing or promotional materials, or in any social media content.

Please review our Service Terms and Conditions.

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