Property Consulting

With our personal network of trusted Agents and other qualified individuals, we provide marketing, consulting and translation services to help you find, buy, and renovate Italian properties, or to help you sell your property.

For specific areas, including Santa Domenica Talao and the neighboring Riviera del Cedri, and Mafalda, Molise, we partner directly with the city architect or engineer to assist in viewing properties and providing custom property renovation guidance and services.

With this unique partnership, since we bring the seller directly to the buyer, the traditional buyer’s agency fee can usually be waived, covering our consulting and translation services fee.  So for no extra cost to you compared to a property purchase using a traditional agent, we can offer you these services that you won’t find anywhere else.

We are not real estate agents in Italy; we are consultants who match our clients with the appropriate professionals in our network for buying, selling, and renovating Italian properties.

There’s no obligation for you to buy after touring any properties, but we know you’ll fall in love with the communities you visit and will find your perfect dream home!

Property Purchase Consulting in SDT and other select areas (included with every property purchase)

      • Evaluation of property needs using the Property Purchase Checklist
      • Initial intake interview with a qualified architect or other professional designee (live or remote, subject to availability)
      • Tours of properties with the architect or other professional designee
        • Up to 6 property tours included (additional tours available for an extra charge per tour)
        • Free translation services subject to availability
      • Market value analysis of properties
      • A meeting with the architect or qualified designee to review renovation options for the final selected property (live or remote, subject to availability)
      • A visit to Fratelli Mele to select tile and fixtures, with access to special discounts
      • Scheduling of the Compromesso (translation fees not included)
      • Assistance with setting up wire transfers of the initial deposit and final payments (setting up and funding an account with Wise early in the process is highly recommended)
      • Ensuring cadastral plans and Ape are completed by the seller and ready in time for the Act
      • Verifying ownership of the property
      • Scheduling the Act with a Notaio (Act interpretation and required translation fees not included)
      • Consulting/Translation Fee is 3% of the property purchase price (€2,500 min, €3,000 min. starting in 2023), payable at the close of the Act

For areas or properties not covered by this service, we will refer you to an agent in our network, with no extra charges or fees due us.

We also provide the following services on an as-needed basis (please see our services booking page for pricing). These services are not included in the above Property Purchase Consulting package:

      • Translation Services for the Compromesso
      • Translation Services and Representation at the Act
      • Local Codice Fiscale Service
      • In-Person Power of Attorney Service
      • Remote Power of Attorney Service for Act Signing
      • Appointment Setup, and On-Site Receipt and Verification of Furniture and Equipment Deliveries
      • Service Provider (e.g. ENEL, Water, etc.) Appointment Setup and Translation Services
      •  Materials Selection at Local Suppliers
      • Remote Video Tour
      • Drone Video Tour

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