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We are so in love with Southern Italy that we have decided to purchase properties there and renovate them to a high standard of beauty and aesthetics to offer them as rentals to help make Southern Italy accessible to everyone. 

Casa di Pietro is in the historical center of Scalea and is available for booking from April through September. It is also available as a long-term rental for Italian Residency applicants.

Nothing to display

Coming Soon!

Right now, we are hard at work on designing and renovating Casa Cristina, our beautiful new short-term rental unit in Santa Domenica Talao.

Not the new one, the pink building next to it

This beautiful building has been sitting vacant for decades. However at one point our architect proudly pointed to the fact that when he was a young boy, this was his schoolhouse.

Sadly, this aging beauty has deteriorated over time and was partially renovated several years ago. Since then she has sat on the main street of Santa Domenica Talao, the only ruin left, waiting for someone with a dream to restore her to her former glory.

OMG! Where do we start?
There’s a one bedroom apartment!
Balcony view of the mountains and sea

Well, we couldn’t resist and purchased this beauty in 2019.

We are almost done with the renovations and we’re planning to open Casa Cristina in early 2024. We’ll update this page with a direct booking link for rooms in this property.

Pete and I are very experienced in the property purchase process. We have found a team of experts that we trust that can fully support your property purchase and renovation needs.

If you are in search of a property in Calabria, please contact us here.

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