Properties for Peanuts! Calabria Property Update January 2021

Hi Guys! Chris here from Super Savvy Travelers!

If you have not seen my recent interview with Dr. Ivan De Luca on Youtube, please drop everything and go watch the whole thing. In this video Dr. De Luca gives us so much intensely useful information with regard to the property market in Calabria in general and our Riviera Dei Cedri in particular.

In a nutshell, the Calabria property market has tanked as an unfortunate result of COVID and Brexit. Calabria is suffering from a recession as is much of Europe and this has forced people to sell their vacation homes in order to bring in money.

This is a sad scenario however the good news is that there is something we can do to help them out of it. In short there has never been a better time to invest in a property (or two) in Italy and especially Calabria.

Beach in Maratea
Beach in Maratea

Why Calabria?

This question has so many answers, the food, the spectacular scenery, the lifestyle, the people, but a huge reason to purchase now is the prices.

Calabria has some of the most dramatic and spectacular beaches in the world. It has a deep, rich culture, it has the religious and food festivals. It has the laid back lifestyle and you can get a property for almost literally peanuts.

Staircase in Santa Domenica Talao
Staircase in Santa Domenica Talao

When Pete and I were looking for our house in 2010, properties in Santa Domenica Talao, our village were more than twice what they are now.  In Scalea, Dr. Ivan has seen a drop in the average 2 bed, one bath apartment in Scalea from about 50,000 Euros to 40,000 Euros with many, many properties available for less than 30,000 Euros and even in the less than 20,000 Euro range.

Diamante, Italy
Diamante, Italy

The Riviera Dei Cedri

The area in Calabria between Tortora up in the north, to Paola in the more southern part of Calabria is the prime tourist destination called the Riviera Dei Cedri. A cedro is a citrus fruit (Citron) and the region is famous for them.

In addition to the fabulous food products grown here, Our Riviera Dei Cedri has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Europe or even, the world.

Tourists from all over Europe and other parts of Italy flock to Calabria in the Summer and in August, when Italy closes down for vacation, every corner is filled.

Even during COVID, apartments, hotels and BNB’s were filled to capacity in August and, according to Dr. De Luca, the season extended from June all the way through October as tourists fled to the beaches before the next expected lock down.

So in a nutshell, if you have ever wanted to purchase a vacation home in Italy or to retire there, now is the time.

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Ciao for now! See you in the piazza!


8 Replies to “Properties for Peanuts! Calabria Property Update January 2021”

  1. Hi Chris, I am also interested in what your fee would be for your services in buying a home there (without going there). I will take you on line class next week. thank you

    Concha (Connie) Peters
    14653 W Clarendon Ave
    Goodyear, AZ 85395


  2. Hi Chris. Love you website and podcasts. I am a lover of all things Italian and hope to retire to Italy. I am at the begining of my journey trying to find both an area to live and a property to live in. The dream is a property with character in or close to a Centro Storico. I am hoping you may be able to assist me in this endeavor. Regards Nigel

  3. Hi Chris,
    You mentioned in one of your YouTube videos that you have a group interested in heading to Italy with you as soon as the area opens to US travelers. I would love to talk to you about joining the group to look at properties.

    Thank you for the valuable content you create!

    Lisa Singer

    1. Hi Lisa,

      We will be heading over to Italy around mid-April. Technically, Italy is still closed to US travelers for tourism, but we have a business there that allows us to travel to Italy. I would advise you contact our Italian attorney Nick Metta at and book a short appointment with him to discuss how you can travel to Italy with the current restrictions for US travelers. Good luck, and hope to see you in Italy soon!
      Best Regards, Pete

        1. Hi Arturo,

          I would suggest you start by browsing on for apartments in the area and price range that you are looking for. Once you’ve found some candidate properties, please send us an email at with the properties you’re interested in, and we can connect you with one of our trusted agents to get you more information about them.

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