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These are properties featured by our real estate associates:

Here’s an excellent renovation opportunity in the Scalea historical center featuring a house with three stories and a cantina, that’s already had all the major structural work completed on it including a new roof. It has views of the sea and Scalea from the upper terrace. This house is walking distance to great restaurants and the beach.

Treat yourself to breathtaking views of the Gulf of Policastro from this beautiful condominium in the Villagio Bridge complex in San Nicola Arcella.

100 m² 2 beds 2 baths

This immaculate condominium has stunning sea views from the front porch and terrace, and has beautifully landscaped gardens in both the front and rear. It’s located in the Baia del Carpino condominium complex in Scalea.

100 m² 2 beds 2 baths

Here’s a large apartment in downtown Scalea with three balconies, just a 2-minute walk to the Scalea train station and across the street from shopping areas including a great pasticceria. This property has an elevator – an unusual and unique feature in this area!  You can enjoy nice views of the mountains and surrounding downtown …

90 m² 3 beds 2 baths

Enjoy spectacular views of the sea and of Scalea from this 2-bedroom, 1-bath, 50 sq. m. apartment perched on a hill right next to the Scalea historical center! The apartment has been recently renovated with a new kitchen, and all furnishings are included. The apartment has an entry terrace, and another huge terrace just outside of the main living area, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of Scalea.

50 m² 2 beds 1 bath

This beautiful fully-renovated property with stunning views of the sea is in the La Scaletta Condominium Complex. It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, and a long terrace overlooking the sea.

60 m² 2 beds 1 bath

This property is all set to go as a turnkey B and B! It features three bedrooms, four baths, and a common area with a full kitchen. The property has two balconies: one connected to a bedroom, the other outside of the common area.

The property is located in the lower part of the village, just below the Centro Storico area.

4 beds 3 baths

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