Calabria Rental Properties

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We are so in love with Southern Italy that we have decided to purchase properties there and renovate them to a high standard of beauty and aesthetics to offer them as short-term rentals and help make Southern Italy accessible to everyone. These are offered through World Tomorrow Ventures, our real estate rental subsidiary.

Casa Girasole

In 2019 we proudly introduced our beautiful new property, Casa Girasole, in the breathtaking Calabrian seaside town of Praia a Mare.

View from Casa Gorasole
View from the wraparound terrace of Casa Girasole

View from the terrace

Casa Girasole is a beautiful apartment located on the hill above Praia a Mare. The location of Casa Girasole provides you with peace and quiet during the  busy Summer months when accommodations closer to the beaches and downtown can be quite noisy.

Casa Girasole is a large two bedroom, one bath, fully renovated apartment in a well kept complex. The hillside location offers views you cannot find anywhere else. Included is a designated parking space. It is air conditioned and a washing machine is on the premises to provide you with every comfort and convenience.

For more information on the gorgeous town of Praia a Mare, please see my article with stunning photos of the Gulf of Policastro. 

Praia a Mare is one of my all time favorite towns in Calabria. There is no shortage of fabulous restaurants. A tree lined promenade graces the downtown area and another promenade runs along the sea so that you can enjoy the spectacular views any time of day or evening.

Contact us directly at [email protected] or visit our airbnb link.

Casa Cristina

Right now, we are hard at work on designing and renovating our beautiful new BNB in Santa Domenica Talao.

Casa Cristina is a grand palazzo (palace) in the center of the village just steps up from our wonderful friend Nunzia’s store.

Not the new one, the pink building next to it
Not the new one, the pink one next to it.

This beautiful building has been sitting vacant for decades. However at one point our architect proudly pointed to the fact that when he was a young boy, this was his school house.


Sadly this aging beauty has deteriorated over time and was partially renovated several years ago. Since then she has sat on the corner of the street leading to the piazza, the only ruin left, waiting for someone with a dream and the funds to restore her to her former glory.

OMG! Where do we start?
OMG! Where do we start?
And a one bedroom apartment
And a one bedroom apartment
Balcony view
Balcony View of the mountains and sea

Pete and I could not resist her so we closed our purchase last Spring and met with Antonello, our architect in September to finalize the designs for approval.

Follow along with us as we restore this beauty, then be with us at her grand opening when we introduce her to the world in her new incarnation.

Pete and I are very experienced in the property purchase process. We have found a team of experts that we trust and who have done very well by us.

If you are in search of a property in Calabria, please fee free to contact us ([email protected]) and we can help you do so.

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