Welcome to Super Savvy Travelers. We are Chris and Pete Sobolev.

In 2011 we purchased a centuries-old home in the hilltop village of Santa Domenica Talao, Calabria, Italy.

We have never looked back.

Since that time we have travelled to so many places we might never have discovered. We have made friends we will cherish all our lives and we have had experiences so magical that we will never forget them.

Through our travels, we’ve found that two of the most valuable things in life are experiences and connections with others. Unforgettable travel, the magic, the memories are all dependent on these two things.

Our travels, our lives and our site are all about perfect experiences that are new and exciting enough to keep us riveted but not overwhelmed.

The most important part of any experience is the connection you make with people. It is the sharing of a beautiful culture, the joys and the sorrows of people whose lives are so different than our own.

As travel counselors, we have exclusive access to the best state of the art travel industry booking tools. Whether your dream includes a cruise to the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico or any of the magnificent river cruises in Europe, we can handle everything for you so all you have to do is show up.

If your dream includes anywhere in Europe, we can put together a fabulous package.

And of course, if you want to see the real Italy we can book photographer’s tours, culinary tours, shopping tours or any tour you could possibly dream up.

Contact us today. Let’s plan your dream trip.

About Us

In life, there are essentially two things that we all treasure above anything  else: experiences, and connection with others.

As travelers, we understand that experiences must be new and exciting to keep us riveted without being overwhelming.

We also know that the most important factors in any experiences are the people involved and the connections we make with them.

Super Savvy Travelers understands this. Our mission is to bring you the most unforgettable experiences along with the best opportunities to create lifelong connections.

This is how we create the best travel experiences you can find anywhere.

Everywhere we go we have friends. Because of this the world is a very friendly place.

We want this for you.

in 2011, we purchased our home in a hilltop town in Calabria, Italy.  It has been a treasure trove of new and wonderful experiences and lifelong friendships.

Our home there is a perfect jumping off point for all of Europe,  Africa, and the Middle East, with an endless array of travel opportunities to these locations.

Pete Sobolev is an experienced traveler having worked  for many years in positions that required frequent travel to the Far East and Europe.

Pete has gathered too many travel tips to list on one page. He is the epitome of a Super Savvy Traveler and a fantastic photographer.

He can’t wait to share his tips with you.

Chris (Ellis) Sobolev is a pro blogger and has been featured on Lifehack.org where her posts went viral amassing tens of thousands of shares on social media.

She has also written for several other sites including Dumb Little Man and her own site,  Chasing La Bella Vita.

34,000 shares on Lifehack.org

20,000 shares on Lifehack.org
20,000 shares on Lifehack.org

10,000 shares on Lifehack.org
10,000 shares on Lifehack.org

7,000 shares on Lifehack.org
7,000 shares on Lifehack.org


Chris loves and understands people. All of them. And she can’t wait to meet new friends and share their culture, loves,  joys and sorrows, so she can write about them and share them with you.

Join us as we fan out across the globe making connections, and creating experiences we can make available to YOU!

Travel Deals

Current Travel Deals and Special Offers (updated 5/17/18)

Royal Caribbean

This is not a cruise. This is a sun-soaked island getaway for the whole family. Swim with sea turtles at Turtle Cove in St. Thomas. Snorkel Watermelon Cay in St. John. All while sailing on ships as incredible as the destinations you visit. When you book now, you’ll save 50% on your second guest. And bring the whole crew, because kids sail free on select sailings. Come Seek the Royal Caribbean®.


AMA Waterways Cruise Spotlight

This month’s Cruise Spotlight from AMA Waterways features savings up to $1,500 on select 2018 sailings and up to $2,000 on select 2018 Holiday cruises:


Azamara Club Cruises  – Save or Spend Offer

Book a select voyage between April 1 and May 31, 2018, and receive a choice of dollars off your cruise fare OR onboard credit of the same
amount, based on stateroom:

  • Suites – $3,000 savings OR $3,000 OBC per stateroom
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  • Interior/Oceanview – $1,000 savings OR $1,000 OBC per stateroom